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VOANews Foreign Student Series:
  1. Foreign Student Series: An Introduction On EDUCATION REPORT: We start an updated series of programs for anyone interested in higher education in the U.S. 10 September 2008
  2. Foreign Student Series: First Steps On EDUCATION REPORT: In part two of our series on American higher education, advice about where to get information on colleges and universities. 17 September 2008
  3. Foreign Student Series: College, University or Institute? On EDUCATION REPORT: Part three of our Foreign Student Series explains the different kinds of higher learning institutions in the U.S. 24 September 2008
  4. Foreign Student Series: Public or Private? On EDUCATION REPORT: In part four, we look at an example from Oregon of price differences between a state university and a private college. 01 October 2008
  5. Foreign Student Series: Colleges and Degrees On EDUCATION REPORT: In part five, we discuss how students can save money by attending a community college for their first two years of study. 08 October 2008
  6. Foreign Student Series: Accreditation Explained On EDUCATION REPORT: In part six, we discuss the quality control process used in U.S. higher education. 15 October 2008
  7. Foreign Student Series: Diploma Mills On EDUCATION REPORT: In part seven, we look at the business of selling unearned degrees. 22 October 2008
  8. Foreign Student Series: Getting a US Education From Home On EDUCATION REPORT: In part eight, we offer advice for choosing an online program. 29 October 2008
  9. Foreign Student Series: Getting a US Visa On EDUCATION REPORT: In part nine, we talk about the steps needed to come to the United States for study. 05 November 2008
  10. Foreign Student Series: What SEVIS Means to You On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 10, we discuss the government system for collecting information on foreign students and exchange visitors in the U.S. 12 November 2008
  11. Foreign Student Series: The Application Process On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 11, advice to apply to at least three U.S. colleges or universities -- and give yourself plenty of time. 19 November 2008
  12. Foreign Student Series: Thanksgiving in the US On EDUCATION REPORT: College and universities may arrange for students far from home to spend the holiday with local families. Part 12 of our series. 26 November 2008
  13. Foreign Student Series: Admissions Tests On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 13, we start to discuss entrance exams. Also, a new report warns about the rising costs of higher education in the U.S. 03 December 2008
  14. Foreign Student Series: The SAT and the ACT On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 14, we talk about the two competing college-admissions tests in the U.S., and about schools that require neither. 10 December 2008
  15. Foreign Student Series: TOEFL or IELTS? On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 15, we look at the two major English language tests accepted by colleges and universities in the U.S. 17 December 2008
  16. Foreign Student Series: The Business of the GMAT On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 16, we discuss the Graduate Management Admission Test. 07 January 2009
  17. Foreign Student Series: Answering Your Questions On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 17, we answer questions about American higher education and about learning English. 14 January 2009
  18. Foreign Student Series: Paying for School in the US On EDUCATION REPORT: Foreign students must show they can pay for at least their first year of study. Part 18 of our series. 21 January 2009
  19. Foreign Student Series: Working While Studying in the US On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 19, we examine the rules about employment for international students. 28 January 2009
  20. Foreign Student Series: Financial Aid On EDUCATION REPORT: Offerings may be limited, but more aid is available for international graduate students than for undergraduates in the U.S. Part 20 of our series. 04 February 2009
  21. Foreign Student Series: Becoming a Fulbrighter On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 21, we discuss the Fulbright Program, which offers opportunities for students, scholars and teachers to come to the U.S. 11 February 2009
  22. Studying in the US: Four Kinds of Financial Aid On EDUCATION REPORT: Assistantships, scholarships, fellowships and grants are explained in part 22 of our Foreign Student Series. 18 February 2009
  23. Studying in the US: Web Redefines the College Visit On EDUCATION REPORT: Using the Internet to explore American schools is the subject of part 23 of our Foreign Student Series. 25 February 2009
  24. Studying in the US: Grading Grades On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 24 of our Foreign Student Series, we discuss evaluation systems at colleges and universities. 04 March 2009
  25. Studying in the US: High Marks Just for Trying? On EDUCATION REPORT: We continue our discussion of college grades in part 25 of our Foreign Student Series. 11 March 2009
  26. Studying in the US: Helping Foreign Students Feel at Home On EDUCATION REPORT: A college or university's international student office is a good place to start getting to know a school and the country. Part 26 of our Foreign Student Series. 18 March 2009
  27. Studying in the US: Where To Live? Housing policies differ from school to school; part 27 of our Foreign Student Series. 25 March 2009
  28. Studying in the US: Alcohol on Campus Policies differ from college to college in the U.S. Part 28 of our Foreign Student Series. Transcript 01 April 2009
  29. Studying in the US: Coming to Terms With Academic Titles A guide to teaching positions in week 29 of our Foreign Student Series. 08 april 2009
  30. Studying in the US: How to Avoid Being Accused of Plagiarism We explain this intellectual offense in week 30 of our Foreign Student Series. Transcript of radio broadcast: 15 April 2009
  31. Studying in the US: Beware of Essay Mills We continue our discussion of plagiarism. Week 31. Transcript of radio broadcast: 22 April 2009
  32. Studying in the US: Writing College Papers On EDUCATION REPORT: Writing college papers is the subject of Part 32 in our Foreign Student Series. 29 April 2009
  33. Studying in the US: Growing Interest in Agriculture? Area of study with the fewest international students had a big increase during the last school year. Part 33 of our Foreign Student Series. 05/06/2009 
  34. Studying at an American University, Just Not in the US Foreign campuses are the subject of part 34 in our Foreign Student Series.05/13/2009
  35. Studying in the US: A Lesson in Personal Finance How much spending money should students budget for? Part 35 of our Foreign Student Series. 05/20/2009
  36. Studying in the US: A Lesson in Personal Finance, Part 2 We continue now with our discussion of personal finance for students. 05/27/2009 12:00 AM
  37. Studying in the US: Getting a Military Education Each of the Defense Department academies can have up to 60 international students. Part 37 of our Foreign Student Series. 06/03/2009
  38. Studying in the US: Science Students Are Promised No More Visa Delays State Department sets a goal of two weeks' processing time for security clearances. 06/11/2009
  39. Studying in the US: A Free Year at a Community College Part 39 of our Foreign Student Series looks at a job training program for people from certain countries. 06/17/2009
  40. Studying in the US: The Job Market Employers are hiring fewer college graduates and fewer interns because of the recession. Part 40 of our Foreign Student Series. 06/25/2009
  41. Studying in the US: Foreign Graduates and Jobs An employment offer is needed to get an H-1B visa, but economic conditions may limit opportunities. Part 41 of our Foreign Student Series. 07/01/2009
  42. Studying in the US: From 'In Loco Parentis' to 'Partnership' Colleges used to act as substitute parents, until students and courts turned against that idea. Now, schools are forming a new relationship with the real parents. 07/09/2009
  43. Studying in the US: Reviewing the Steps We complete our Foreign Student Series. 07/15/2009 
For more info about studying in the US, see VOA Student Union and its Glossary of Confusing Words

More Interesting Stories from VOA Education Report
Many of these stories are available with captions on VOA Learning English Education Report on YouTube.
  1. College Guide Aims to Help Students Avoid a 'Thin Education' A new Web site in the U.S.,, compares requirements in seven basic subjects.
  2. Some Advice on Choosing a College A school's size is an important consideration. But so are questions like which programs are strongest and what do the top students go on to do after they graduate? 12/02/2009
  3. Students' Writing and the Web: Motivator or OMG? Some teachers blame the Internet for an increase in spelling and grammar errors. But language experts praise it for making communication more expressive.01/28/2010
  4. Need Help With Your Writing? Try This Web Site The Purdue Online Writing Lab provides more than 200 free resources for writing and research. 02/11/2010
  5. For Foreign Students, Top Choice in US: USC The number of international students in the United States is at record levels. Last year, more than six hundred seventy thousand foreign students attended an American college or university. And for the eighth year the school with the largest number was the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. 05/26/2010
  6. How Failure Can Lead to Long-Lasting Knowledge No one likes to make mistakes. But a new study says organizations learn more from their failures than their successes, and keep that knowledge longer. 09/08/2010
  7. Anxious Students Gain on Tests by Writing About Fears Some students get so nervous before a test, they do poorly even if they know the material. Professor Beilock and another researcher, Gerardo Ramirez, have developed a possible solution. Just before an exam, highly anxious test-takers spend ten minutes writing about their worries about the test....SIAN BEILOCK: "What we think happens is when students put it down on paper, they think about the worst that could happen and they reappraise the situation. They might realize it's not as bad as they might think it was before and, in essence, it prevents these thoughts from popping up -- from ruminating -- when they're actually taking a test."01/19/2011
  8. A Goal for 2012: Learning English Did you make a New Year's resolution? Some of you shared your goals at the VOA Learning English page on Facebook. And, no surprise, many of you said at least one of your goals for twenty-twelve is to speak English better. 01/04/2012
  9. Getting a Free Education, in Huge Online Classes A class with tens or even hundreds of thousands of students might sound like a teacher's bad dream. But a big idea in higher education these days is the massive open online course, or MOOC. 03/21/2012
  10. Another Look at Massive Online Open Courses Last week, we talked about Massive Open Online Courses, also called MOOCs. Tens of thousands, or even more, people can take these classes all at once. You can be anywhere in the world to take a MOOC. 03/28/2012
  11. A Blog Where Foreign Students Can Get Answers International students have a lot of questions about studying in the United States. But what do you suppose is the most common question? 05/10/2012
  12. New Rules on US Summer Jobs for Foreign Students More than one hundred thousand international students will spend this summer working and traveling in the United States. They are participating in the Summer Work Travel program through the State Department. They receive J-1 exchange visitor visas. Download PDF: New Rules on US Summer Jobs for Foreign Students
  13. Thinking Outside the Five-Paragraph Essay Moving from secondary-school writing to college-level writing can be difficult, but students should not be afraid. Check out two links on our website. One is for the Online Writing Lab at Purdue. The other is for the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth.06/14/2012
  14. Making Friends Not Always Easy for Foreign Students A recent story in the Chronicle of Higher Education said many foreign students report feeling lonely or unwelcome in Australia. 08/16/2012
  15. Experts Suggest Ways to Help International Students Make Friends with American Students Last week, we told how some international students have few friends in their host country when they study overseas. 08/23/2012
  16. Number of International Students Attending American Colleges and Universities Continues Rising
    A new report says more and more international students are attending colleges and universities in the United States. It also notes a large increase in the number of international students from China 11/14/2012
  17. Vietnamese Man Wants a “Book Revolution” in his Country A Vietnamese man hopes to raise the quality of education in his country by building “parent libraries” in rural school 12/12/2012
  18. What Online Teens Consider 'Research' Three-quarters of the teachers said the Internet and digital search tools have had a “mostly positive” effect on their students’ research habits and skills. But 87 percent agreed that these technologies are creating an “easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” And 64 percent said the technologies “do more to distract students than to help them academically.” Many students think "doing research” now means just doing a quick search on Google. 01/24/2013

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