Monday, March 9, 2015

SAT March 2015 Countdown: 5

Before the Test

  • Check out CollegeBoard's Practice page.
  • Gather all your completed SAT Practice Tests into ONE pile.
  • Arrange the tests from oldest to the most recent test taken (so you can track your progress)
  • Review a completed test every evening before the Night Before the SAT Test (20-45 min).
  • Look-up any difficult vocabulary.
  • Note the trigger words in the Sentence completion Questions.
  • Note how you used POE (Process of Elimination) to get the right answers in the short, long, dual passage sections.
  • Analyze your wrong answers, and adjust your POE (ex. did you consistently choose the 2nd best choice on inference or EXCEPT questions).
  • Review the FIST OF NO ERROR for the Writing section and mentally check off the selections (S/V, Tense, Prononous, Adj/Adv, Diction, Misplaced Metaphors, Parallelism, Conjunctions) as you review the wrong answers.
  • Compare the errors made in the Paragraph Improvement section and your own essay: Transtions? Sentences out of sequence? Too much/too little concrete detail? Delete extraneous info? etc, etc, etc...
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