Tuesday, October 4, 2011

President Obama and Education Reform

Obama: Major Changes for 'No Child' Law By Ap Sep 23, 2011
Decrying the state of American education, President Barack Obama on Friday said states will get unprecedented freedom to waive basic elements of the sweeping Bush-era No Child Left Behind law614 words

Obama’s Education Waiver Plan: No Child Left Behind’s Final Chapter? By Kayla Webley, Time.com Sep 23, 2011
President Obama announced on Friday his plan to offer relief to states that are chafing under the strict requirements of No Child Left Behind, the federal education standards championed by George W. Bush in 2002.

Obama Encourages Learning to Students By Ap Sep 28, 2011
President Barack Obama is encouraging students to work hard in their classes, saying the country is counting on them.

Coming Together to Kill Education Reform By Andrew J. Rotherham, Time.com Sep 29, 2011

A new consensus is emerging in education politics. But can the center hold? And would reformers even want it to?931 words

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