Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Take the SAT

HowCast: How to Take the SAT

Doing well on the SAT can mean the difference between attending your first choice and your safety school, so you'd better learn what to do.

To complete this How-To you will need:
A computer with internet access
A registration form
Practice tests
A photo ID
2 #2 pencils
A calculator
A library or bookstore (optional)
An SAT registration book (optional)
SAT resource books (optional)

Step 1: Register for the test
Register to take the SAT by signing up online at or by mailing the registration form found in the SAT registration book, available in your school counselor's office.

Tip: Signing up for an online account allows you to register, view your SAT scores, and send them to colleges.

Step 2: Get registration confirmation
Receive your registration confirmation and admission ticket either online or via snail mail.

Step 3: Prepare
Prepare for the test well in advance by studying, reviewing, and taking practice tests that can be found online.

Tip: There are many books available at your local library or bookstore that will assist you in preparing. Ask a librarian or bookseller for assistance in finding them.

Step 4: Bring supplies on your test day
Bring your SAT admissions ticket, a photo ID, two no. 2 pencils, and a calculator.

Step 5: Take the test with confidence
Be confident and relaxed when taking the test. The payoff could be entrance to the college of your dreams.

Step 6: Arrive on time or early
Arrive to the test center on time or early. Your confirmation will affirm your test time

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