Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twenty SAT CollegeBoard Vocabulary Puzzles with Definitions

The Sentence Completion words for each CollegeBoard 2nd ed. test appear in the puzzles below. Because there are 130-140 Sentence Sompletion words per test, the words were alphabetized then the list was spit in half.

The word search puzzles were created via Discovery Education Puzzlemaker.

The vocabulary definitions were taken from or M-W's

I created these SAT Vocabulary Puzzles for my students at Shareworld Learning Center. These puzzles are free to reproduce (as per the Creative Commons License) and can be used for educational purposes only.

Note: I plan to do a second series of vocaulary puzzles based on the CollegeBoard Critical Reading Passages.

Students--note the definitions and incorporate the vocabulary in your SAT and school essays. HOWEVER, do not limit your SAT prep to vocabulary only. The difficulty of a sentence completion depends on the syntax (logic) of the sentence.

Good luck on the SAT!

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