Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Reading: The Best Technology Writing

So many great articles--here are two from each year.

The Best of Technology Writing 2006 Table of contents

  • China's Next Cultural Revolution Lisa Margonelli [Wired]
    The People’s Republic is on the fast track to become the car capital of the world. And the first alt-fuel superpower.
  • The Book Stops Here Daniel H. Pink [Wired]
    Jimmy Wales wanted to build a free encyclopedia on the Internet. So he raised an army of amateurs and created the self-organizing, self-repairing, hyperaddictive library of the future called Wikipedia.

The Best of Technology Writing 2007 Table of contents

The Best of Technology Writing 2008 Table of contents

  • The polarization of extremes / Cass R. Sunstein [Chronicle of Higher Education]
    There are six sides to every issue available at the click of a mouse. So how is it that the internet can actually limit diversity?
  • The life of the Chinese gold farmer / Julian Dibbell [New York Times Magazine]
    One of China’s newest industries—making real money hunting virtual gold

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