Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading: Best American Science Writing 2009

...hmmm, what should I read during Summer vacation?

Best American Science Writing 2009 is the ninth edition of the popular annual series dedicated to collecting the most crucial, thought-provoking and engaging science writing of the year. Provocative and engaging, the Best American Science Writing 2009 as edited by Angier covers the full spectrum of scientific inquiry—from biochemistry, physics, and astronomy to genetics, evolutionary theory, and cognition.

Introduction / by Natalie Angier

  1. The itch / Atul Gawande
  2. Twitchy / Sallie Tisdale
  3. The first ache / Annie Murphy Paul
  4. A journey inside the brain / Oliver Sacks
  5. The truth about autism / David Wolman
  6. Blocking the transmission of violence / Alex Kotlowitz
  7. Reading the wounds / Jina Moore
  8. A cloud of smoke / Jennifer Kahn
  9. War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing / John Horgan
  10. Face-offs of the female kind / Marina Cords
  11. Tough lessons from golden rice / Martin Enserink
  12. Back to the future / J. Madeleine Nash
  13. A tall, cool drink of... sewage? / Elizabeth Royte
  14. Contagious cancer / David Quammen
  15. Looking up / Jennifer Margulis
  16. Birdbrain / Margaret Talbot
  17. Want to remember everything you'll ever learn? Surrender to this algorithm / Gary Wolf
  18. Hello, HAL / John Seabrook
  19. The anonymity experiment / Catherine Price
  20. The sky is falling / Gregg Easterbrook
  21. Big brain theory: have cosmologists lost theirs? / Dennis Overbye
  22. The final frontier / Karen Olsson
  23. Perhaps death is proud; more reason to savor life / Theresa Brown
  24. Evolutionists flock to Darwin-shaped wall stain / The Onion

The Best American Science Writing 2010 will be on sale Sept. 2010

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