Thursday, December 31, 2009

New York Tmes Multimedia Resources

For the next couple of days, I will share some of my favorite pod/vidcasts which are helpful (directly or indirectly) for SAT prep.

NYTimes Podcasts...

  • NYT Science Times: David Corcoran, a science editor, explores the topics addressed in this week's Science Times.
  • NYTimes Tech Talk: A look at the latest technology news and Internet trends with J.D. Biersdorfer, Bettina Edelstein and Pedro Rafael Rosado. The Tech Talk Homepage
  • More NYTimes Podcasts...
NYTimes Videos

NYTimes Slide Shows

NYTimes Blogs (MUST READ)
  • The Choice A blog for high school students, parents and counselors about applying to — and paying for — college.
Some of my favorite NYTimes Blogs
  • And the Pursuit of Happiness Maira Kalman's illustrated column about American democracy. (GORGEOUS!)
  • Dot Earth Andrew C. Revkin on climate change, the environment and sustainability.
  • Economix A blog that considers economics as the study of everyday life.
  • Idea of the Day From the Week in Review, daily posts highlighting the most interesting writing from across the Web.
  • The Learning Network Teaching and learning, with The New York Times as a resource.
  • The Lede follows the day's news stories as they spiral off into unexpected directions.
  • Paper Cuts The editors of the Book Review, on books and other forms of printed matter.
  • Pogue's Posts Quick hits from the technology columnist David Pogue.
  • Schott's Vocab A miscellany of words and phrases that encapsulate our times.
  • TierneyLab Science columnist John Tierney checks out new research and rethinks conventional wisdom.
  • Wordplay Jim Horne writes about The Times's crossword puzzle, its themes and clues.

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