Wednesday, December 30, 2009

National Constitution Center: We The People Stories

For the next couple of days, I will share some of my favorite pod/vidcasts which are helpful (directly or indirectly) for SAT prep.

National Constitution Center: We The People Stories Podcast

The National Constitution Center invites you to participate in a national conversation about the Constitution, its history and its contemporary relevance. Our programming features nationally recognized leaders debating and discussing the Constitution, our rights and responsibilities as citizens, and everyday politics.

We The People Stories Podcast does not have its own blog. However, you must check out the NCC Constitution widgets and online exhibits--invaluable for APUSH & US Gov't students!

Obama Speech on Race at the National Constitution Center (podcast replaced by video and online exhibit)

Anthony Lewis on the First Amendment shares his latest work, Freedom for the Thought That We Hate.

Legacy of 1808: a Year Long Series Marking 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade (podcast date)
  • 3/11/2008 A Historical Perspective
  • 5/28/2008 Traces of the Trade
  • 6/18/2008 “Iron Ladies of Liberia”
  • 6/26/2008 The Emancipation Proclamation Defined
  • 7/15/2008 The Lincoln and Douglas Debates
  • 8/20/2008 Modern-Day Slavery
  • 8/27/2008 Slavery and the Literary Imagination
  • 11/19/2008 Delta Blues
  • 1/13/2009 Deconstructing Reconstruction
NCC Interactive Constitution widget

NCC Constitution Timeline widget

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