Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Admission: Decision Week

Early Admission: Decision Week, NYTimes blog: The Choice

High school seniors who applied early to colleges this fall begin to receive decisions this week.

Running Tally on Some Colleges’ Early Admission Figures, NYTimes blog: The Choice

During the week of Dec. 14, The Choice is keeping a running tally of some colleges’ figures on early applications, and acceptances, under binding early decision programs and non-binding early action. (updated frequently)

Answers to Your Questions as Application Deadlines Near By EVELYN B. WHITE, NYTimes blog: The Choice

Ms. White answers questions about the number of colleges to which an applicant should apply; how a college sizes up an applicant’s high school and the mechanics of transferring.

The Envelope, Please: Six Applicants Speak, NYTimes blog: The Choice

In a series of posts, seniors from high schools around the country are blogging about their college selection process. Meet the Students: Corey Rockower Faithlynn Morris Nicholas Geiser Tyler K. Calder Beth Zak-Cohen Jordan Mackey

Read all of the Early Decision articles from , NYTimes blog: The Choice ...

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