Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Meaning for Night Class at 2-Year Colleges

New Meaning for Night Class at 2-Year Colleges By ABBY GOODNOUGH
"Virtually every state is dealing with enrollment booms at community colleges, the American Association of Community Colleges says, with some in California reporting increases of 35 percent. The demand comes amid deep cuts to higher-education budgets, but also at a hopeful time for community colleges: President Obama recently announced a $12 billion plan to increase the number of community college graduates by five million by 2020.

“It shines a spotlight on a sector of higher education that by and large has been viewed as the lowest rung on the ladder,” Dr. Fifield said. “Now we have the president of the United States talking about community colleges as an engine that will drive and sustain economic success in this country.”

Classes at Midnight: Rising Enrollment’s Impact on Community Colleges By Jack Kadden, NYTimes Blog: The Choice

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