Friday, September 4, 2009

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Making Geeks Cool Could Reform Education By Daniel Roth ,, 08.24.09

"The best schools," Grodd told me later, "are able to make learning cool, so the cool kids are the ones who get As. That's an art." It's an art that has, for the most part, been lost on educators. The notion itself seems incredibly daunting—until you look at one maligned subculture in which the smartest members are also the most popular: the geeks. If you want to reform schools, you've got to make them geekier. "Geeks get things done. They're possessed. They can't help themselves." Back to School Gift Guide 2009

While you’re kicking back this weekend, soaking up the last rays of summer, remember that school is starting up again soon.

Education 2.0: Top Online Learning Resources By Jose Fermoso,, 08.10.07

Want an education? Open up a browser. With the information available online, you could probably get a complete education without ever leaving your house.

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