Friday, April 17, 2009

Casual Fridays: Does SAT-Prep really help?

ScienceBlogs CognitiveDaily: Casual Fridays: Does SAT-Prep really help? (04/10/09)

Does SAT preparation really matter? Are students who work harder on the test rewarded with better college educations -- and better careers, later on? We may be able to answer some of those questions with this week's Casual Fridays study.
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[ScienceBlogs covered the SATs a few years back with our massive Blogger SAT Challenge. If you haven't seen that study, you should definitely take a look.]

April 15-April 30: No special posts for History Thursday, Science Friday, Saturday Arts, and Sunday Lit. I am leading a workship at CATESOL and I will be taking MATESOL comprehensive exams. Thanks!

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