Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Arts 032809

A Is for Artwork That Lures Bronx Schoolchildren to New Libraries By RANDY KENNEDY, NYTimes
A foundation has helped build dozens of libraries, some decorated by well-known artists, in schools in poor areas. Slide Show: The Art on the Library Walls

A Master’s in Paul-Is-Definitely-Not-Dead By ALLAN KOZINN, NYTimes
Probably the oddest thing about a university’s decision to offer the first degree in Beatles studies was that it took so long to hit on the idea.

Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar By SARA CORBETT, NYTimes
How a struggling Boston painter finally found success through his alter ego -- a hip, virtual-world art-scene maker.

High School Musical Actors Envision Being Rising Stars By TAMMY LA GORCE, NYTimes
New Jersey high schools are in the midst of March madness — a term school theater directors use to describe the frenzied preparation for spring productions. 2 Rms, 1 Bth, Maybe Homework By CAROLINE H. DWORIN, NYTimes
Renting a room at the School of Visual Arts dorm during the summer entitles lease holders to a free continuing education class.

College’s Lennon Center Expanding Its Offerings By AILEEN JACOBSON, NYTimes
The John Lennon Center for Music and Technology at Five Towns College will be offering more in the way of student performances and other public programs.

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