Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Lit 011109

'The Red Convertible' By LOUISE ERDRICH Reviewed by LIESL SCHILLINGER, NYTimes
In her new story collection, Louise Erdrich chronicles Native American ways, but also captures the voices of multitudes. Times Topics: Louise Erdrich

'Things I've Been Silent About' By AZAR NAFISIReviewed by ELAINE SCIOLINO, NYTimes
The author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran” fleshes out personal stories left untold or half-told in her earlier work. First Chapter

Four Stakes in the Heart of Intelligent Design By CHARLES MCGRATH, NYTimes
Even as Darwin approaches his 200th birthday, the debate continues over evolution and creationism.

Utne: Why Read Books? Chris dodge, Utne
Reading is absurd, isn't it? Page after page of symbols. Voices in our heads that aren't our own. Why persist? We may read for entertainment, to pass the time, to visit other worlds, to expand our sense of what is possible. We hunt for treasure, rarely satisfied, but seeking new things to which we can aspire, clues and answers to what our lives are meant to be. At best, perhaps, we read to challenge ourselves and to be changed.

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