Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Lit 010409

Slow Money Musings on This First Day of 2009 (found via Powell's Blog)
Let us imagine an earthworm protesting before the advancing blade of the plow.
Let us imagine a farmer conscientiously objecting before the commodifying prow of the market.
Let us imagine a poet slamming before the ferociously fiduciary lowest-common-denominatorness of the Dow....

2008 was an amazing year for science fiction novels, with Anathem hitting bestseller lists and critics going crazy over slavery tale Liberation and cyborg fantasy Alchemy of Stone. We've got the year's eleven best books.

'Shakespeare and Modern Culture' By MARJORIE GARBER Reviewed by CHARLES ISHERWOOD, NYTimes
A double-edged study of Shakespeare’s influence on the new, and vice-versa.
First Chapter
Times Topics: William Shakespeare

Life is full of stories. tell yours.

this i believe: Special Feature: 2008 in Review
With the arrival of the New Year, we are looking back and taking stock of the old year. 2008 included some wonderful essays about life, love, war, family, creativity and more. We hope you enjoy revisiting some of the beliefs presented in the past year.

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