Friday, December 5, 2008

Science Friday 120508

A New Picture of the Early Earth, By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
Geologists now think the planet soon became a cool place of land, seas and perhaps even life.

How to Increase Your I.Q. by Nicholas D. Kristof
A simple, effective way to improve the health of impoverished people is to add iodine to the salt supply. Video

The Micronutrient Initiative
We are dedicated to ensuring that the world's most vulnerable - especially women and children - in developing countries get the vitamins and minerals they need to survive and thrive.

Gene Test Shows Spain’s Jewish and Muslim Mix By NICHOLAS WADE, NYTimes
A study of genetic signatures has provided new evidence of the mass conversions of Sephardic Jews and Muslims to Catholicism in the 14th and 15th centuries.

2009 World Science Festival By John Tierney, NYTimes
Science-festival fans, mark your calendars for June in New York. After its sold-out debut in New York this year, the World Science Festival promised an encore, and now we know the dates: June 11th to 14th, 2009.

Observatory: Turtle on the Half Shell: Fossils in China Show an Evolutionary Step, NYTimes

Observatory: A New Understanding of Iceberg Formation May Aid Climate Studies, NYTimes

Observatory: A Ball on the Seafloor Casts Doubt on Views of How Life Diversified, NYTimes

Mental disorders seen in 20% of young adults, SFGate
Almost 20 percent of young American adults have a personality disorder that interferes with everyday life, and even more abuse alcohol...

Internet searching stimulates brain, study says, SFGate
Can Googling delay the onset of dementia? A new UCLA study, part of the growing research into the effects of technology on the brain...

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