Friday, October 24, 2008

Science Friday 102408

Diving Into a New World By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN, NYTimes
The Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is the largest renovation in the museum’s century-long history. Slide Show: A New Approach for a New Exhibition

Reaching an Autistic Teenager By MELISSA FAY GREENE, NYTimes
A school in Georgia believes that it’s not too late for boys like Sam Gross to make emotional connections. All you need is a lot of energy and, sometimes, a magic box. NYTimes Health Guide: Autism Asperger's Syndrome

Partying Helps Power a Dutch Nightclub By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL, NYTimes
The dance floor at Watt harvests the energy generated by dancers and transforms it into electricity.

From a Strip of Scotch Tape, X-Rays By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
In a tour de force of office supply physics, researchers have shown that it is possible to produce X-rays by simply unrolling Scotch tape.

Climate Campaigners Were on Terrorist List By ANDREW C. REVKIN, NYTimes
Dot Earth: Environmental activists with no criminal record find themselves tracked as possible terrorists.

India Launches Unmanned Orbiter to Moon By SOMINI SENGUPTA, NYTimes
The mission is scheduled to last for two years, in which the craft will search the lunar surface for natural resources.

The Wonders of Blood By NATALIE ANGIER, NYTimes
Essay: Even the most extravagant blood lore pales in comparison to the biochemical, evolutionary and engineering marvels of the genuine article.

The Terror and Attraction of Science, Put to Song By DENNIS OVERBYE, NYTimes
The tug of war between beauty and horror is the theme of “Doctor Atomic,” which opened last week at the Metropolitan Opera.

Deep in the Rain Forest, Stalking the Next Pandemic By ELIZABETH SVOBODA, NYTimes
Nathan Wolfe hopes his research will result in staving off global pandemics before they happen.

Man Who Set Stage for a Nobel Now Lives a Life Outside Science By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
Douglas C. Prasher provided the essential piece that made the work that won this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry possible.
A Guiding Glow to Track What Was Once Invisible
Three Chemists Win Nobel Prize

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