Friday, October 17, 2008

Science Friday 101708

The World, Up Close
The top 10 images in the Nikon International Small World Competition, which recognizes excellence in photographs taken through a microscope. Interactive Feature

Math Skills Suffer in U.S., Study Finds By SARA RIMER, NYTimes
The United States is failing to develop the math skills of both girls and boys, especially among those who could excel at the highest levels, a new study asserts, and girls who do succeed in the field are almost all immigrants or the daughters of immigrants from countries where mathematics is more highly valued.

The First Google Phone, David Pogue, NYTimes
David Pogue takes a look at the G1 from T-Mobile, the first cellphone to run Google software.

From Old Vials, New Hints on Origin of Life By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
Researchers who have taken a second look at a classic 1953 experiment say it points to volcanoes as perhaps a more likely environment for where life originated.

Rivals’ Visions Differ on Unleashing Innovation By WILLIAM J. BROAD and CORNELIA DEAN, NYTimes
The presidential candidates’ visions for sharpening the nation’s competitive edge are strikingly different.
Graphic: Budget Impacts of Candidates’ Proposals
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Fish Fossil Yields Anatomical Clues on How Animals of the Sea Made It to Land By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD, NYTimes
Scientists are finding striking evidence of the steps by which marine vertebrates evolved into land animals.

Thinking Anew About a Migratory Barrier: Roads By JIM ROBBINS, NYTimes
Scientists are coming to understand the marked changes brought by the roads that crisscross the landscape and the effects they have on wildlife.

Always a Doctor, Even in the Dying of the Light By KENNETH R. WEINBERG, M.D, NYTimes
My father took pride in keeping up with the latest in medicine, and the functions of his body were fascinating to him in a detached, scientific way.

With Little Fuel, Eco-Racers Arrive in Las Vegas By STEVE FRIESS, NYTimes
In making it from Berkeley, Calif., to Las Vegas without burning an ounce of petroleum, a duo from Oregon collected a $5,000 prize in the Escape From Berkeley race.

For U.S. Astronauts, a Russian Second Home By JOHN SCHWARTZ, NYTimes
American astronauts have developed mutual respect for their Russian counterparts during years of cooperation.

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