Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Arts

New Slide Shows from the NYTimes:

Identity by Design
More than 50 dresses are on view in “Identity by Design: Tradition, Change and Celebration in Native Women’s Dresses,” at the New York branch of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

A Century of Italian Art
An exhibition celebrating a century of Italian art at the Roman Colosseum

The Art of Calligraphy
Two shows on calligraphy and the Koran at the Asia Society are perfect in size and proportion, gorgeous, and worthy of the book they honor.

A Career in Portraits
The best of Elizabeth Peyton’s portraits, as seen at the New Museum, are accessible, devotional and visually alive.

African Textiles
Two new exhibitions provide insight on the history and artistry, of wax-print cloth in Africa — and on Western viewers’ relative ignorance of both.

The Work of Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey, a star in the world of street art, has earned a new level of mainstream attention.

In Modern China, ‘Little Kingdoms’ for the People By NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF
A new exhibition offers further evidence that China has become the most fertile territory on the globe for experimentation by architects.

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