Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Arts 102508

from the National Museum, Kabul
October 24, 2008– January 25, 2009

A Banquet of World Art, 30 Years in the Making by HOLLAND COTTER, NYTimes
Under the circumstances, everything registers as both high and low. Uplift means whatever turns you on. Beauty, as a concept, is relative, and not necessarily elevated. Art assumes different meaning and value depending on how you view it: as a social historian, a finely attuned connoisseur or as a recreational window-shopper. Slide Show

Eastern Views NYTimes
Images from films playing in the 2008 South Asian International Film Festival, Oct. 22-28.

Bollywood: Often Energetic, Now Animated By RACHEL SALTZ, NYTimes
“Roadside Romeo” is something new under the Bollywood sun: sophisticated computer-generated animation that uses stars to voice the characters.

Pompeii Style, B.C.E. (Before Catastrophic Eruption) By KAREN ROSENBERG, NYTimes
There are some eerie parallels between Pompeii’s frozen-in-time culture of excess and our own staggering economy as evidenced in a show at the National Gallery.
Slide Show: The Treasures of Pompeii

A Century of Italian Art, NYTimes
"Ruins and the Rebirth of Art in Italy," a show that opened in early October at the Colosseum in Rome, features ancient works of Italian art. Slide Show

Antique Muses Stir a Modern Orpheus By JORI FINKEL, NYTimes
Jim Dine’s latest project at the Getty Villa has allowed him to meditate on two of his greatest passions over the years — sculpture and poetry.

Art and Commerce Canoodling in Central Park By NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF, NYTimes
The Chanel Pavilion that opened Monday in Central Park sets out to drape an aura of refinement over a cynical marketing gimmick. Slide Show

China's 'Now' Art SFGate
Chinese contemporary art collector Uli Sigg fills the Berkeley Art Museum with a fraction of his holdings.

King Tut's Coming Back SFGate
Thirty years ago, the King Tut show in S.F. was a blockbuster. And in 2009, it's coming back and will be at the De Young Museum for 9 months.

Painting A Community SFGate
Noe Valley comes alive in new murals by artist Mona Caron.

Focusing In SFGate
International Center of Photography documents documentarian Susan Meiselas.

In Its Grip SFGate
Sara Kraft takes on media ubiquity with her multimedia piece "HyperREAL."

A Family Affair SFGate
One man has brought his family's art treasures from Berlin museums to the Legion of Honor.

For "Bay Area Currents 2008," at the Oakland Art Gallery, curator Aimee Reed picked 12 emerging artists who work in untraditional media, including Noah Sakamoto, who makes drawings out of scraps of paper.

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