Tuesday, October 7, 2008

College Loans

Counseling on Student Loans Now May Ease Pain Later By RON LIEBER, NYTimes
As of this week, hundreds of thousands of young men and women have taken their first big step on the road to financial adulthood: They’re now on the hook for their first student loan.

Marketing Code for Student Lenders By JONATHAN D. GLATER, NYTimes
The agreement was part of a settlement of claims that they misled consumers about loan terms and benefits.

Panel Proposes Broad Changes in Federal Financial Aid for College By TAMAR LEWIN, NYTimes
The recommendations included a simpler application, Pell grant maximums linked to the consumer price index and federally financed college savings accounts for children in low-income families.

Bank Limits Fund Access by Colleges, Inciting Fears, By SAM DILLON and KATIE ZEZIMA, NYTimes
Wachovia Bank has limited the access of nearly 1,000 colleges to $9.3 billion the bank has held for them, raising worries about meeting payrolls and other obligations.

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