Friday, September 26, 2008

Science Friday 092608

OPENING 09/27/08:
Explore this genius of the Renaissance has influenced and inspired much of the technology we use today. September 27, 2008 to January 4, 2009 @ The Tech

OPENING 09/27/08: SF Academy of Sciences
The People Behind The 'Wow' Factor, by David Perlman, SFGATE Science Editor
Behind the spectacular exhibits at the new California Academy of Sciences are more than 100 researchers.
Rebuilding Academy of Sciences no walk in park, SFGATE
It started with a bad idea. In a talk at a January 1997 Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Mayor Willie Brown proposed that the California...
Evolution of California Academy of Sciences, SFGATE
April 4, 1853: Seven San Francisco gentlemen of substance meet at 129 Montgomery St. to found what is now the academy. July 24, 1856...

Teachers escape gravity to impress students SFGATE
Thirty California teachers learned this lesson Thursday: Floating like an astronaut in zero gravity is as cool as it looks.

Lupe, the baby mammoth, comes home to San Jose SJ Mercury-News
Welcome home, baby mammoth. After three years of undergoing scientific scrutiny at the University of California-Berkeley, the juvenile mammoth fossil nicknamed "Lupe,'' found near San Jose's Guadalupe River, is returning to San Jose.

Sushi lovers: Unagi, maguro may be tasty, but planet-unfriendly SJ Mercury-News
Environmentalists put out list of "sustainable sushi." They hope diners change their orders.

How to Save Fish, By John Tierney, NYTimes
A global survey of more than 11,000 fisheries points to a profitable system to protect fisheries from collapsing. The bad news is that this system, called catch shares, is used in only 1 percent of the world’s fisheries...

Nutrition: Soda Ban in Schools Has Little Impact By ERIC NAGOURNEY, NYTimes
A new study suggests that banning soft drink sales in elementary schools only slightly reduces how much soda children drink.

Rocks May Be Oldest on Earth, Scientists Say By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
A study suggests that portions of a patch of bedrock in northern Quebec are 4.28 billion years old and formed when the Earth was less than 300 million years old.

China Launches Space Walk Mission By DAVID BARBOZA, NYTimes
The three-day mission by the Shenzhou VII spacecraft is expected to include the country’s first attempt at a spacewalk.

It Takes Just One Village to Save a Species By PHIL MCKENNA, NYTimes
By helping a Chinese village out of poverty, Pan Wenshi protects the endangered langur.
Photos: Once Endangered, Now Recovering

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