Friday, September 12, 2008

Science Friday 091208

The Art and Science of Wheelchair Basketball By ALAN SCHWARZ, NYTimes
Paul Schulte, with the ball, is a member of the U.S. wheelchair basketball team who also works as a mechanical engineer for the chairs’ manufacturer.

Bay Area mayors band together for green future SFGate
Mayors of the Bay Area's three largest cities vowed Wednesday to set aside provincial interests and back... Photos

Biggest atom smasher aces 1st test SFGate
A small blip on a computer screen sent champagne corks popping among physicists in Switzerland. Photos

Brave New World of Digital Intimacy By CLIVE THOMPSON, NYTimes
On Sept. 5, 2006, Mark Zuckerberg changed the way that Facebook worked, and in the process he inspired a revolt.

Cameras for Capturing Primordial Fire (NYTimes interactive graphic)
A close look at the detectors of the Large Hadron Collider, and the information they provide.

Friendly Invaders by Carl Zimmer, NYTimes
Exotic species, instead of causing extinctions, may actually aid diversity.

Radio Show Podcast (1 minute)
Clear Voice Podcast (8 minutes)

Many North American fish at risk, study says by Seth Borenstein, Associated Press
About 4 out of 10 freshwater fish species in North America are in peril, according to a major study by U.S., Canadian and Mexican scientists.

Marine Life(less) SFGate
The spread of oceans' oxygen- depleted dead zones.

Oded Schramm, 46, Mathematician, Is Dead By KENNETH CHANG, NYTimes
Dr. Schramm melded ideas from two branches of mathematics into an equation that applies to a multitude of physics problems.

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