Thursday, September 25, 2008

History Thursday 092508

SAT essay has anti-history bias By AMITY SHLAES,
Parents are desperate to convey to their children knowledge of history, rhetoric and grammar -- in short, whatever of their own past can help their offspring. The parents needn't bother. In the world of the SAT essay, there is no past, even when the essay topic itself is learning from the past...

This I Believe: I Help Make Government Work by Jessica Case
I believe government is a verb: the collective effort of well-intentioned individuals...

National Geographic: History News SAT Test 1001 has a short paragraph about Machu Picchu--here's the NG story. The NG story about the ostrich as a lion killer reminded me of one of the funniest videos, EVER: Listen up! The ostrich gets political

Angels and Ages: Lincoln’s language and its legacy. by Adam Gopnik
What did Edwin Stanton actually say at Lincoln’s deathbed? Language has become a central subject in Lincoln studies.

Hidden Presidio
Archaeologists are using cutting-edge technology to uncover vanished walls and dwellings of the original Spanish Presidio of San Francisco.

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