Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Arts 091308

SJ MercuryNews: Fifteen years after Chavez's death, nobody is quite sure how many schools, libraries, streets and parks have been named or renamed after the man who organized farmworkers...But when it comes to commissioned, artistic memorials, says Chavez family spokesman Rudy Medina, Baca's Mayan-inspired arch is the largest and most impressive...

Asian showcases 'Power and Glory' of Ming era (ends Sept 21!)
NYtimes: This grand show surveys the imperial arts of the Ming era - 1368 to 1644 - a dynastic reign distinguished by relative peace and in its later centuries, by religious eclecticism, expanding literacy (especially among women) and transoceanic trade.

Half-Life of a Dream (ends Oct 5 )
SFGate: "Half-Life of a Dream" is great for those approaching Chinese contemporary art for the first time.

Frida Kahlo: An Emblematic Figure (ends Sept 28!)
SFGate: SFMOMA's "Frida Kahlo" is a beautifully presented retrospective. Audio slideshow

36 Hours in the Mission District of San Francisco
NYTimes: Prosperity hasn’t sapped the Mission District of its eclecticism. With a population that is about half Latino, a third white and an estimated 11 percent Asian, it’s still a wonderful mishmash. Slide Show: A Weekend in San Francisco

Art House
SFGate: Across the Bay Area, hidden in live-work spaces and homes such as Chris Fallon's Mission District apartment, is a constellation of guerrilla galleries. Fallon currently has a photo show from photographer/videographer Lindsey White.
Photos Map of Bay Area galleries

At Home With: The Ambassador of Handmade
NYTimes: PATCHWORK LAB: Faythe Levine, a pillar of the do-it-yourself movement, at her home in Milwaukee. She recently completed a documentary and a book, both with the title “Handmade Nation.”

Master of Many Styles, and Many Mentors
NYTimes: With “Landscapes Clear and Radiant: The Art of Wang Hui (1632-1717),” the Metropolitan Museum of Art takes its inaugural solo flight with classic Chinese painting.

Concerns Beyond Where the Wild Things Are
NYTimes: The children’s author and illustrator Maurice Sendak has the gift of connecting with his childhood fears and pleasures in ways that make his most screwball concoctions feel perfectly plausible and universal. NYTimes Topic: Maurice Sendak

Itamar Moses goes back to high school in 'Yellowjackets"
SJMercuryNews: Fast on the heels of scoring hits with his plays "Bach at Leipzig" and "The Four of Us," Itamar Moses has returned to his native Berkeley to debut "Yellowjackets," an ambitious study of race and class at his alma mater, Berkeley High School. Though the play has gotten mixed reviews, everyone seems to agree that, as Tom Stoppard put it, "Moses is "a splash in the making."

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