Friday, August 15, 2008

Science Friday 081508

NYTimes: Space Probe Pinpoints Origin of Vapor Jets on Saturn Moon By KENNETH CHANG
New images of one of Saturn's moons will provide clues in solving how a 310-mile-wide ice ball could possibly be shooting geysers of vapor and icy particles.

NYTimes: Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD
The first complete report from the largest known graveyard of Stone Age people reveals 200 graves, some filled with ornaments and pottery. Slideshow: Stone Age Graveyard

NYTimes: Rapid Growth Found in Oxygen-Starved Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ By BINA VENKATARAMAN
Researchers report that the coastal seafloor of many of the worlds oceans can barely sustain marine life due to human activity.

NYTimes: Two Large Solar Plants Planned in California By MATTHEW L. WALD
Two California companies plan to build solar power plants 10 times larger than the largest now in service, creating the first utility-scale use of technology mostly confined to rooftops.
Dot Earth: Solar Panels by the Square Mile in California
Times Topics: Solar Energy

NYTimes: What to Do With Traumatized Elephant Stirs Up Dallas By JAMES C. McKINLEY JR
Beyond the debate about what to do with the elephant lies a larger struggle between zoos and animal rights groups who would rather see a world without elephant exhibits.

NYTimes: Come Up for Air? Not These Insects, Which Carry a Bubble as a Lung By KENNETH CHANG
Some insect species are able to swim underwater because of the personal air bubbles they carry with them.

NYTimes: Surpassing Nature, Scientists Bend Light Backward By KENNETH CHANG
With what could lead to more powerful microscopes, scientists have found new ways to bend light backward.

NYTimes: How the First Farmers Colonized the Mediterranean By NICHOLAS WADE
Using a new set of criteria, researchers have determined that animals were domesticated much earlier than previously thought.

NYTimes: Visual Science The Genetic Map of Europe By NICHOLAS WADE
Biologists have constructed a genetic map of Europe showing the degree of relatedness between its various populations.

SFGate: Does Bigfoot exist? These men have evidence
Irrefutable evidence came to Palo Alto on Friday. It was brown and fuzzy and looked very much like...

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