Friday, August 1, 2008

Science Friday 080108

The Long Passage of the SAT Critical Reading Section often features exerpts from science and technology tests. In keeping with the NPR tradition of "Science Friday," this blog will link to some scientific articles of interest, and post a new collection weekly on Fridays.

Science sites for families
The biggest local science event of the year will be the Sept. 27 grand reopening of the California Academy of Sciences in San... Chronicle 7.27.08

Science in the movies
Below are a few of our favorite science movies of all time. Comedies were included and films that explore modern science issues were... Chronicle 7.27.08 4:00 AM

The Nature of Glass Remains Anything but Clear By KENNETH CHANG NYTimes
Peer into its molecules, and glass is indiscernible from a liquid. So how can it be hard? And how does it get that way? For scientists, the puzzle persists.
Read More at TierneyLab Graphic: Glass, Up Close

Test of Mars Soil Sample Confirms Presence of Ice By KENNETH CHANG
A sample of soil being analyzed by NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander let out a puff of vapor, providing final confirmation that the lander is sitting over a large chunk of ice.

First Stars Were Brutes, but Died Young, Astronomers Say By DENNIS OVERBYE
The first stars in the universe were short-lived brutish monsters that changed the nature of the cosmos forever, new computer simulations suggest.

Discovering How Greeks Computed in 100 B.C. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD
The Antikythera Mechanism organized the ancient Greek calendar in the cycles of the Olympiad, researchers say.

Deep under New Mexico is a cave like no other Explorers have tracked one...
Hundreds of feet beneath Earth's surface, a small group of seasoned cave explorers venture where no human ever has set foot. With each... Chronicle 7.27.08

Watching the eclipse
He calls it "the Super Bowl of Science." And when the next super solar eclipse happens this week, the Exploratorium's Paul Doherty is... Chronicle 7.27.08

S.F. scientists in China to Webcast solar eclipse
Scientists from San Francisco's Exploratorium, after hauling a thousand pounds of telescopes and computers by truck, are camped on the... Chronicle 7.26.08 4:00 AM

Students get hired to capture the breeze by Blake Nicholson, Associated Press 07/27/08 Schools work to fill growing need for trained wind techs.

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