Monday, August 25, 2008

Newsweek's Kaplan College Guide

Brand Name or Investment? Daniel Gross 08/18/08
Sticker shock: it's really both. Families who pay huge bills for college educations can take some consolation knowing the degrees yield lifelong dividends.

Or Maybe Major in Comp Lit? Sharon Begley 08/18/08
Workplace doomsayers keep predicting dire consequences from a looming shortage of scientists and engineers. Yet the real numbers tell another story.

The 12 Top College Rivalries in the Country 08/09/08
Harvard and Yale officially deny any competition between the two Ivies. Ditto Annapolis and West Point. But Ohio State and Michigan invite students to bring it on. Who's really the best? You decide.

Why Competition Is Good for U.S. Colleges by Richard C. Levin 08/09/08
Because it can prosper from the rise of the rest in higher ed.

Campuses in the Sand by Zvika Krieger 08/15/08
New York University is partnering with Abu Dhabi to create an international campus in the Gulf. President John Sexton talks about the project's potential, and its challenges.

Asia and the Mideast Gain Ground in Higher Ed by Zvika Krieger 08/09/08
The geography of higher ed is changing fast, with Asia and the Mideast coming on strong.

Oil States Are the New Centers of Mideast Learning
War, chaos and repression are driving the decline of the once great Arab centers of learning.

Reinventing the Global University by Stefan Theil 08/09/08
To better compete, a few bold leaders are rethinking their schools from the ground up.

Engineering Success by Barrett Sheridan 08/12/08
An entrepreneur turned academic argues that to compete globally, American institutions should act more like Indian ones.

A Financial Earthquake by Arian Campo-Flores 08/09/08
Harvard dramatically overhauled its aid rules. Other colleges had to follow to compete for top students. How to make sense of it all.

My Real Hollywood Ending by Dan Payson-Lewis 08/09/08
First Person: Romance led this former East Coast student to the harmonies of a cappella. The SoCal VoCals turned out to be life-changing.

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