Thursday, July 31, 2008

iTunes U: Find college lectures next to pop stars

ITunes U: Find college lectures next to pop stars by John Boudreau 07/28/08
At Apple's iTunes online store, Britney Spears and Shakespeare are separated by just a few clicks. While an episode of "Desperate Housewives" will cost $1.99, a series of lectures by renowned University of California-Berkeley philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus is absolutely free. On the web, visit Apple's iTunes U.

Example 1: Stanford Technology: include selections from Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford Continuing Education Brainstorm Series, SLAC Public Lecture Series,etc. Topics include Game Development, Google, Facebook, High Tech Entrepreneurship and much more!
Open iTunes--> ITunes Store-->iTunes U-->Stanford-->Science and Technology--> Audio.

Example 2: English 117: Shakespeare: 23 lectures lectures by Instructor Charles Altieri.
Open iTunes--> ITunes Store-->iTunes U-->UC Berkeley--> Arts & Humanities--> English 117: Shakespeare - Spring 2008.

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